Why Choose Us


Procon Management Services Sdn Bhd provides innovative and cost-effective management solutions that proactively preserve the value of each property. We offer a wealth of experience in managing the stratified properties and facilities with proven track records at very reasonable fee.

As Facilities management encompasses multi-disciplinary activities. they require competent managing agent with multi-disciplinary management skills and knowledge in financial and accounting, legal, operations, human resource and risk management, PMSSB has all the required competencies to undertake these challenging tasks.

All the apartments or condominium under our management could achieve tremendous financial results with average collection rates of 85% to 100%. This was attributed by our specialised accounting credit control management skills and experience.

Improvements on all the properties under our care could be seen within a very short period of time. Within 3 to 6 months, all the basic facilities and controls like auto barrier gate, cctv, car park management system and security controls etc could be installed and implemented. Thanks again on our competency in operational and risk management skills.

As we comprise a small and lean management teams, we could concentrate to the demanding needs of our clients by attending and addressing to the issues within reasonable time. On the other hand, we have lesser overheads and the savings could benefit our clients by charging them a Highly Competitive Fee.

As compared to engaging your own teams of professional staff and personnel with high overheads involved, and to take the burdens of continuious supervision, monitoring and managing a huge team of personnel by the volunteered part-time committee members of the JMB/MC who might not have consistent valuable time available to discharge their duties and responsibilites due to their own tight working schedules, outsourcing the challenging facilities management tasks to external facilities management consultants is always a better choice.

And not mentioning the risks of mismanagement or wrong decisions making in operations, legal matters, financial management and grievances handling among the unit owners, which might result in unnecessary litigations or obligations associated with these risks (some penalties involved as specified in Act 663), JMB/MC could now have an option to have full backing by PMSSB's teams of professional to undertake all these duties and responsibility and yet could still discharge their duties and responsibility accordingly with ease




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